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Cramp Cure – Carrot Juice

Fair Warning! - Boys, Look away! We are talking about lady problems in this post! Dear readers, I really really hope that you aren't like me in the uterus department.

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Resource Roundup #1 (Romantic Fonts)

For those of you (like me) that absolutely can't get enough fonts on their machines. I've compiled a list of my of my top five favorite 'romantic' themed fonts that I use

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Rants & Research


Cowlitz County Rape Trial – An Effort in Irony

If you haven't already heard about the Cowlitz County Rape Trial debacle then you are obscenely lucky, while I only came across the article while perusing a few of my

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Books Worth Reading #1

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I'm constantly juggling between 4-5 books at a time, either because friends have suggested certain titles for me or because

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Technology & Games

I love the customizable options available for things such as armor. You can also mix/match the same type/level armor in the different racial styles to get a unique look. 

(Everything in this picture is Bosmer styled armor except for the cute Khajiit hat)

The Elder Scrolls Online Final Beta

Follow my blog with Bloglovin All good things must temporarily end. Tonight was the last night of The Elder Scrolls Online BETA, but at least it comes out in another two

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Laughs & Amusement

Supernatural Season 5 Title Screen

The CW – Supernatural

Just take a moment and enjoy the above picture. Don't worry, just take it all in for a few moments. Yum right? Those three delicious young(ish) men featured above are

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