The Eclipsed Network

The Eclipsed Network is a collection of websites that are both owned and run by me (Katherine). Each domain serves a very special purpose, be it for fun and games or for hosting specific projects that are very close to my heart.

Eclipsed Moon is the home and hub of the Eclipsed Network. The website also serves as my basic homepage and personal blog, where I can blather on at length regarding topics such as programming and video games, to more general topics such as health and fitness, and sometimes even D.I.Y. projects.

Eclipsed Cards was purchased in September 2014 when I decided I wanted to start playing Online Trading Card Games (TCGs) again. Eventually Eclipsed Cards will also offer free hosting for those who also want to play these types of games but can't afford to purchase their own webspace or domains.

Coming Soon!
Eclipsed Code will be a specialized website where I will be storing all of my coding projects and WordPress plugins once I have time to get them all uploaded and ready to share with the public.
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