35 Free Printable Labels


I got bored and decided to make a bunch of cute printable labels that you are free to download and use at your leisure. These are great for making gift tags or using as labels for your own sauces in the kitchen.

To download simply click the above image and enjoy! I would highly recommend printing these on a heavyish card stock.


  1. Hi! I know it’s been a while since you posted these. I am here via Pinterest and downloaded these labels, which are beautiful, by the way, but I’m a novice and can’t figure out what program I need to use to be able to type text in the label. Could you advise? Thanks:)

    • No problemo whatsoever. The files are flat .png images, so you can open them up in whatever photo-editor you wish (such as Photoshop, or even MS Paint) to add your text. I would personally recommend using photoshop to add text, as it will also make sizing the final label before printing (if that is what you want to do with them).

      If you need any further help adding text, tell me what program you want to use to add it and I can go into greater detail. :D

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