Animal Crossing: New Leaf; Welcome to Athena!

All three of my summer A session (15 day) classes are now finished in their entirety (expect a post on THAT at a later time!) and to celebrate I treated myself to a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for my shiny red 3DS.  I originally wanted to purchase an actual physical cartridge, however, Gamestop happened to be completely OUT OF STOCK, so I ended up purchasing the game via digital download.

(Pro-tip:  When you purchase a digital copy of a game from Gamestop you don’t have to pay tax on the game! Who knew?)

Day 1: Tree Planting Ceremony
Day 1: A TENT?!

When information about New Leaf first came out and stated that there would be some major changes to the core gameplay I immediately instituted a media blackout regarding Animal Crossing news. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to know about what was going on, I simply didn’t want to know all of the new features before I got my hands on my copy. I wanted to discover each new thing one by one and giggle and gush over all the new stuff I could see/do/collect! Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I would get to play the mayor of my town ! I actually squealed! (Note: I never really liked Tortimer very much anyway, he was always asleep at his desk!)

Day 2: Sally's (Squirrel) house. It is just super cute, I had to take a snapshot.

Day 2: Every time I see a balloon and I don't have a slingshot I die a bit inside.

I ended up naming my town/village Athena in a gesture of respect to the town that I currently live in (Athens), generally I name my towns ‘Hibana‘ however, it just didn’t seem appropriate for this particular game village for some reason. I quite like the name, it is far more feminine sounding than Athens, but still has a bit of a snap to it. :)

Day 2: Baby Memories
Day 2: This is why I don't want kids...

I immediately set about making friends with all of my neighborhood animals, and I have collected 9 total neighbors at this time: Tank (elephant), Octavian (octopus), Carmen (bunny), Sally (squirrel), Snake (bunny), Ed (horse), Elise (monkey), Rocket (gorilla), and Joey (duck). Sally & Joey are definitely my in-game BFFs, Octavian comes in a close third. My least favorite animal resident is the monkey Elise, but I have no real reason as to why, other than that she has a stupid face. :P

Day 2: Home Loan Paid Off

Day 5: Finished my first Public Works Project: Cobblestone Bridge!
I eventually gained access to the island, and with the help of all the expensive beetles that hang out there after 4 p.m. in the afternoon, I managed to pay off 3 home loans so far and finish a public works project! I am not sure what my next project will be yet, but I’m hoping that I can build on the beach, because at some point I want to put up some benches facing the pier.

Day 4: Kappa's songs sometimes have helpful advice hidden in them.

Day 5: Played my first Tour with a random stranger. We had a ton of fun, but the game crashed on our 7th minigame. :(

I haven’t really played around with multi-player much, and I don’t have any Animal Crossing friends to link up with and visit towns (exchange friend codes with me in the comments please?) so I don’t have much to say on that front. I did have an awesome mini-game run with a cool dude during one Tortimer Club meet up, but the game crashed on our 7th mini-game run, I think his battery died. :(

Anywho, all in all I am loving this game to bits! I can’t wait until the next game-day starts so I can dig up new fossils and build new stuffs!

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If you are new to Animal Crossing or just wanted some helpful information regarding how to find bugs or to understand all the new additions that New Leaf brought to the table with this game installment, I would heartily suggest checking out these places for fun (and even cute QR code pattern downloads for your town!)

  • acgaAnimal Crossing New Leaf Guide (Google Play Store)
    I totally recommend this app if you use an Android device. It has a beautiful and intuitive interface and is incredibly fast! I also love that a checklist of Redd’s paintings will be added in a future update so it is less likely that you will end up with a fake painting or sculpture. ♡ While the app itself is free, I paid the $1 for add removal to support the dev, this app is simply lifesaving for a checklist fanatic like myself.
  • Bidoof Crossing on Tumblr
    The above link directs you to Bidoof’s information master post, not the front of the blog (which is filled with Bidoof’s daily journeys through his/her town), however, there is a ton of information here if you are interested in things like updating your shops, and a guide to get the right ‘face’ for your character in the beginning of the game.


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  2. Part of me really doesn’t like the fact that members like SoulMisaki (and AtlusxP5 in general, I guess) are taking anyone’s opinions here into consideration. (That alone should be enough to convince anyone this is not promotion for the real Persona 5, but anyway.) This is a fan-project, but that doesn’t mean everyone else’s ideas about it should be incorporated. I really hope that stuff like the seven deadly sins and other ideas borne from this thread are not incorporated into the actual project, because it clouds the entire idea and gives it less integrity. Persona games usually operate on one or two main themes. Persona 3 was death, and Persona 4 was truth (and TV). AxP5 is, from what I can tell, a circus theme (mirrors, puppets, etc.) mixed with a theme about control. That’s it. No sins, no realism vs. idealism, nothing. As cool as this thread is, I don’t particularly like how everyone’s ideas are actually sort of being used in the project. When that happens, things get messy and suddenly the project becomes a conglomerate of bad ideas with no cohesiveness. Maybe that’s only my two cents. Also, I think from now on, to avoid confusion on what people are talking about, “Persona 5″ should be used to refer to the real upcoming game, and “AxP5″ should be used to refer to this fan project. I see a lot of people referring to this project as “Persona 5,” and that really clouds the issue.

    • I’m not entirely sure where this is coming from, I’ve played the Persona games, but I haven’t written any blogs about any of them. Did we have a discussion in a Tumblr thread about them? Your name doesn’t seem familiar to me.

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