The Gallows – Coming July 10, 2015

Over the weekend I got to see the Poltergeist 2015 reboot, and I was driven to absolute giddiness by all of the horror film trailers for the coming year. While Crimson Peak (starring Tom Hiddleston and Directed by Guillermo del Toro #thereisagod #winning) got me has me excited, the preview for The Gallows was what really got me super pumped. I know that the film probably won't live up to my expectations, but the remix of Smells Like Teen Spirit paired with the video was so on-point with the trailer I can't help but jump up and down in my seat. Yeah, the final product will probably suck balls, but I can't wait to see it!!! … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Belle (2013)

If I had known about this movie when it was originally released I would have made damn sure to have seen it in theaters, but it was not widely advertised in my area (surprise-surprise). I actually found out about the movie via Tumblr, and I'm immeasurably glad that it crossed my dashboard, because it is a priceless piece of cinema. The film tackles several tricky themes relatively gracefully, among which include racism and self loathing and self denial and the price of human life. The film also creates an interesting parallel between the way women were treated in the 1700s and slavery (And no, I'm not saying that the two were 100% equal). While the entire movie was incredibly well done, there were two scenes that struck me more than others. The first of which is a early scene in the movie where Dido - after being asked why she doesn't eat with her family at dinner, is shown in her room before a mirror crying, and rubbing at her skin and face as though attempting to wash away the … [Read more...]

Guillermo del Toro’s MAMA – Horror the Way It Is Meant To Be

So I just got back from watching the new Guillermo del Toro film MAMA and if I had to sum up the entire experience in only two words I would have to choose: HOLY CRAP! I've always been a huge horror movie fan, and as much as I have lamented over the current state of the horror movie genre over the past few years, I have to say that del Toro hit the nail on the head as far as the type of horror that I've always loved in an awesome mixture of The Ring/The Grudge style body movements that make my brain bounce around in my skull while screaming "Inhuman! Unnatural! GTFO!", and old school quick frame jump out of your seat: "What the friggity frick was that? CHRIST!" moments that while liberally scattered throughout the film did not make me stop jumping and yipping! He also blew me out of the water with the fact that he wasn't scared to let the audience actually see Mama, which is something that I normally would have groaned over. To me the most horrifying things are those that we … [Read more...]

Horror Films: Fear Inspiring or Grotesque Erotica?

I've always been a huge horror movie fan. I can still remember how while I was in high school my best mate Nina and myself would get together on the weekends with a big bag of $1/night horror movies of the B persuasion and a large bowl of popcorn, preparing for a night of both laughter and screaming in-mostly-equal parts. It was through this adoration of the Horror genre that I soon realized that there are three distinct categories that all horror films fall into: Imagination Driven, Silly/Humorous, and what I refer to as (pardon my language) "Gore Porn". Each category has a fair bit of room to play within it's given boundaries and can (of course) trade characteristics of another category depending on the director and writer of the screenplay; However, when it comes to horror movies being released in the past 5 years, you really only get one category to choose from for any particular horror movie. But we aren't concerned with the first two categories in this … [Read more...]