The CW – Supernatural


Just take a moment and enjoy the above picture. Don’t worry, just take it all in for a few moments. Yum right?

Those three delicious young(ish) men featured above are Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), and Castiel (Misha Collins) from the hit TV show Supernatural (also known as the-happy-bane-of-my-existence and one-full-hour-of-too-much-pretty).

Apparently I have been living under a rock of total obliviousness (which is unsurprising because I refused to have TV hooked up in my house until last year, and only agreed to do so because it was a Christmas present for le fiancé), this show actually game out roughly nine years ago but I didn’t discover it until last fall. Originally it caught my passing interest because holy-hell did you really even look at those men? But once I ran out of things to watch while running at home during the winter, I decided to give this show a try.

I was not disappointed!

This show has far more to it other than three lovely looking men to ogle over, there is actually a decent story that is both funny and cry-your-eyes-out heart wrenching at the same time, and if you watch nine seasons of the show, you would be surprised how attached to these characters you become. Heck William caught a few episodes here and there is now hooked on the show as well.

It really does have something for everybody:

  • Sassypants Demons (The king of hell is Badger from Firefly for chrissake)
  • Every Urban Legend Ever (Including: The Hook Man, Bloody Mary, Slinderman, The Lady in White)
  • Bitchypants Angels (They really are kinda ass-holy… except for Balthazar and Gabriel)
  • Lovable Drunken Rednecks
  • An entire season devoted to Dick jokes. (See: All of Season 7)
  • References to almost every Fandom ever (Including: Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars)
  • Snooki makes an appearance at one point…

I hate to admit it though, but the truth of the matter is if you had shown me the above picture and told me I got to stare at all that beauty for a full hour I probably would have watched the show even if the plot was complete crap, but being able to watch a show that mostly revolves around horror legends and it has a great plot and the cast is not only amazing but also that good-looking? Sign me up!

The show really is tops, and you can catch the first eight seasons on Netflix, with Season 9 episodes debuting Tuesdays at 9 EST on The CW.

(As of 3/34/2014 you can watch the first 5 episodes of the second half of Season 9 on the CW Website!)

  • Grace

    First of all *drool*….and I don’t really have a second :P I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I’ve currently re-watching it on Netflix and I’ve gotten to Season 7 now. I have forgotten just have many funny episodes there are in this series lol. My favourite episode is and will always be – “Dog Dean Afternoon”. I have it saved on my PVR and I watch the youtube spot where he barks like a dog at the mailman at least once a week :P

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