The Elder Scrolls Online Final Beta

elder scrolls online

All good things must temporarily end. Tonight was the last night of The Elder Scrolls Online BETA, but at least it comes out in another two weeks. (Pre-order early release is right before my birthday! Yays!) March 30th can’t get here fast enough!

I’ve had a lot of fun playing the BETA version of the game, and despite the bugs that have popped up (which, despite some complaining, is one of the points of holding a BETA test in the first place.) I thoroughly enjoyed each session and seeing the tweaks that the staff over at TESO have made to gameplay and whatnot to prepare for the working release of the game.

I’ve already purchased the Digital Imperial Edition (PC) version of the game for myself. But the game is also available on Xbox One and Playstation 4 (which you can pre-order at Gamestop or GAME depending on where you live.)

That being said, I’m heading off to watch this weeks episode of The Walking Dead (“The Grove”) because I refused to walk away from the computer before the BETA test ended. (Sorry Daryl! You know I’m still rooting for you!)

If you have a copy of The Elder Scrolls Online and would like to meet up and play with me sometime you can always send me a tweet or message me on Raptr so we can exchange userids and go questing across Tamriel together.

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  • Oooh, love the screenshots! I’m not in the BETA, so I haven’t tested it at all yet, but I’m super excited! My only issue is that my poor laptop won’t be able to run it, so if I want to play it I’ll have to wrestle my boyfriend away from the stationary computer… ¬¬